Canada 2067: Youth Insights

Students engaged in meaningful science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning opportunities develop the skills and abilities needed to become creative, critical thinkers, discoverers, entrepreneurs, problem solvers and informed citizens. Exploring what this means for the future of education is at the heart of Canada 2067. Canada 2067 Youth Summits inspired, engaged and empowered more than 1,000 Grade 9 and 10 students across Canada who contributed to the development of a national vision for STEM education. Visit our Regional Youth Events page to view livestream recordings of the Youth Summits. Thousands of ideas and hundreds of unique concepts from 125 student teams across Canada synthesized into ten unique themes are presented below.

Personalized learning
Education doesn’t look the same for every student.

Student collaboration
Students work and learn from each other and play a key role in shaping their education.

Technology in the classroom
Technology is critical to improving the learning process.

Changing the education curriculum
Engage students in STEM early on in their education.

Experiential learning
Connect STEM learning to real life problems in a hands-on way.

Students seek meaningful relationships with caring and trustworthy adults.

Critical thinking & problem solving
Resiliency and flexibility are essential for today's education and tomorrow's jobs.

Self-awareness & counselling
STEM education and self-awareness are connected and help students develop the skills to manage their own improvement and move towards new directions.

Students wish for a school culture that is supportive, encouraging and inspiring; a place where diversity and inclusion are practiced and cultivated.

Comfortable spaces
Learning spaces must be safe, clean, bright and inspiring.

The Canada 2067 Youth Insights publication is a testament to the critical importance of our youth’s education and can be found below, along with other supporting documents: