Interested Canadians

Imagine what tomorrow’s world will look like.

Technology and science will drive everything.

Future innovations will be the direct result of STEM-based learning—you don’t have to be directly involved in education to appreciate the fact that this will affect us all.

No matter what industry or interest group you’re involved with—government and policy making, tech-based community groups, businesses, or for interested individuals, STEM learning is about inspiring the minds of tomorrow’s best and brightest..

It’s no wonder that we all have a stake in how and what future generations of students will learn—our collective tomorrow is going to be influenced by STEM.

The sooner we all start having these important conversations about evolving Canadian education with STEM, the sooner we’ll be prepared to face the challenges waiting for us on the horizon.

Get involved and be part of the solution.

We all have an opinion about the role that STEM-based learning plays in developing talented, young minds.

To help future generations of students attain their full potential, it’s time to engage in a discussion, contribute our points of view, and affect positive change together.

This change begins with our Educational Survey—your insights are important to Canadian education and we want to hear them.

By engaging in this important conversation on the future of STEM learning, you can also help shape tomorrow for the better.

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