What if we could create a better tomorrow, by creating better learning opportunities for Canada’s youth? What if we could shape education for Canada’s 5 million youth by making STEM-based learning a priority?

Today, science and technology impacts nearly everything we do – and this will continue in the years and decades to come. The work that educators do – inside and outside the classroom – is critical for our collective future.

And we need your help to inform an action plan to push Canadian education forward and ensure our youth develop the skills that will propel them into the 21st century as leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. We need you to share your opinions and experiences around STEM learning by completing our survey on education.

Whether you’re an educator within a school, an administrator, an educator outside of school, or from a community groups interested in science learning, you can help to foster the critical thinking and creativity inherent in STEM-based learning.

We all have a stake in supporting STEM learning.

How educators can get involved

It’s time to help influence the future of Canadian education by making your voice heard. Your valuable contribution to this exciting conversation begins by reading our developing action plan and sharing your thoughts and ideas. Together we can shape STEM learning opportunities for Canada’s youth!

Votre opinion nous intéresse. Vous êtes l’expert!

Afin de mettre l’apprentissage basé sur les STIM, la pensée critique et la résolution créative de problèmes au premier plan de l’expérience scolaire, nous voulons votre apport précieux pour élaborer un plan d’action qui propulsera le système éducatif canadien vers l’avant dans un monde où l’apprentissage des STIM offre tous les avantages.

Le plan évolutif, élaboré en concertation, orientera la conversation sur l’apprentissage des STIM pendant toute l’année.

Contribuez à façonner l’apprentissage des STIM


Your school should have already received hard copies of the following Canada 2067 hosting guide and workbooks, designed to facilitate student group sessions directly related to how students learn, their role in learning and their future, and how STEM extends far beyond the classroom.

However, if you have not been made aware of them as an educator, please contact your school’s administration to request them, or complete the three online workbooks below.

You can also explore the Canada 2067 hosting guide here. Created to help you host a thought-provoking conversation with young people about the future of STEM learning in Canada, this guide acts as a complimentary resource for the workbooks.

Let’s talk about the people we learn from and how they influence our education. In order to change STEM in schools, it’s important to understand the valuable roles that people in our communities play in affecting young people. If it takes a village to raise a successful young person - this conversation is all about that village.

Let’s talk about what role students play in learning. Better understanding the part that individuals themselves play in education will help design more effective, engaging and inspiring learning opportunities for both STEM and non-STEM subjects. If we can learn more about students’ interest in learning and leading, we can work to unlock the potential within all young people.

Let’s talk about how learning, especially STEM learning, fits into the everyday life of young people, even beyond the classroom. Helping us understand how STEM learning fits and doesn’t fit into young people’s lives will help set up the next generation of students to succeed in our highly technology-driven society.

You can also help by adding your voice to the social conversation       

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