We live in a connected world—science and technology are moving forward faster than ever before, and new opportunities are opening up to us every day.

It’s definitely an exciting time to be a student when there’s so much to learn, and even more to look forward to.

But how are you going to ensure that you’re prepared for the world of tomorrow? A world increasingly shaped by STEM. A world where you will need a wider range of skills than ever before to compete and thrive.

The answer lies with STEM-based learning. STEM-based learning puts the odds in your favour when it comes to achieving great things.

It will ensure you graduate with the skills and characteristics you need to succeed in diverse careers.

Your opinion matters!

If you’re ready to take control and help shape your world, getting involved is the first step—by discussing the education issues that really matter to you and your friends, you can help create an important dialogue about where Canadian education should be heading.

Your experiences as a student have given you a truly unique perspective on Canadian education. Isn’t it time you spoke up about how STEM-based learning should evolve?

Ready to share your opinion or start a conversation?
Canada 2067 has two ways to get you started.

1. Share YOUR opinion

If you’ve got strong opinions about STEM learning and want to support Canada 2067, here’s your chance to participate in an important and influential survey.

I’m ready to help shape education

2. Lead a conversation

If you want to lead a conversation about the future of STEM learning in Canada, now’s the time.

It starts with organizing a group session with your friends. This group session will provide a great opportunity to engage each other in a conversation about STEM—while providing valuable feedback to influence the action plan. If we can learn from you, we can help to shape a better tomorrow!

Organize your group and complete the three online workbooks below. If you’re looking for some helpful tips on facilitating a meaningful conversation, check out our hosting guide to learn more.

Let’s talk about the people we learn from and how they influence our education. In order to change STEM in schools, it’s important to understand the valuable roles that people in our communities play in affecting young people. If it takes a village to raise a successful young person - this conversation is all about that village.

Let’s talk about what role students play in learning. Better understanding the part that individuals themselves play in education will help design more effective, engaging and inspiring learning opportunities for both STEM and non-STEM subjects. If we can learn more about students’ interest in learning and leading, we can work to unlock the potential within all young people.

Let’s talk about how learning, especially STEM learning, fits into the everyday life of young people, even beyond the classroom. Helping us understand how STEM learning fits and doesn’t fit into young people’s lives will help set up the next generation of students to succeed in our highly technology-driven society.

You can also help by adding your voice to the social conversation