Every parent wants their child to dream big and succeed in everything they do. But how do you help them find this path to success?

It begins with STEM. Today, science and technology impacts nearly everything we do. Imagine how this will continue in the years and decades to come, and how your child’s life will be influenced by tomorrow’s innovations.

By embracing STEM-based learning, the odds are in your child’s favour when it comes to achieving great things. But embracing STEM may not be enough. We need the right systems in place to teach our youth the skills they need to succeed.

That’s what Canada 2067 is all about – and we need engaged parents like yourself – along with educators, youth, government representatives and policy makers, and other invested Canadians – to help shape STEM learning opportunities for Canada’s 5 million youth.

Because we all have a stake in supporting STEM learning.

You have a role to play!

Help shape the future of learning in Canada by making your voice heard and contributing ideas to our survey.

We’re interested in your opinions

We want to shape STEM learning for Canada’s 5 million youth, but to do so we need your input to inform an action plan to push Canadian education forward in a world where STEM-based learning offers every advantage.

This plan exists currently as a series of questions. Your answers will help us fully develop the plan framework so it is ready to be shared with government and policy makers in December 2017.

By sharing, discussing and refining the plan, everyone can discover more about the current state of STEM learning in Canada and contribute to its future direction. Together we can make this change possible.

Have your say and contribute to the Action Plan.

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