What is Canada 2067?

Canada 2067 is a national initiative to shape the future of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning, focusing on Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Through an unprecedented national conversation, Canada 2067 has developed a draft action plan for STEM learning that will ensure young Canadians are prepared to compete, thrive and contribute in the rapidly changing world of tomorrow.

Review the draft Canada 2067 learning framework and join the conversation by providing your input to help build the future of STEM learning in Canada.

Watch, Learn & Join in:


Watch footage of the National Leadership Conference.

On December 5th and 6th, 2017, education, community and industry leaders took part in a dynamic conversation about the future of STEM learning in Canada. Watch the panel discussions.


Watch the Regional Youth Events

Tune in to hear from inspiring STEM speakers about the future of STEM learning, innovation, discovery and work. Watch


Join the STEM conversation

We’re looking for your opinions and comments on shaping STEM learning opportunities. Together, we can imagine a brighter, better tomorrow.


Are you a student?

If so, your future may depend on STEM learning. Learn about the jobs of the future and where STEM learning can take you.

You can also make your voice heard. When it comes to STEM learning, your experiences today can help shape the curriculum of tomorrow.

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Are you a parent?

As a parent, you have a stake in supporting STEM learning – to ensure the future success of your children. That’s why we need your opinion.

Help shape the future of Canadian education.

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Are you an educator?

When it comes to shaping STEM learning opportunities for Canada’s youth, your experience as an educator truly makes you an expert.

That’s why it’s important you share your opinion, so that we may use it to help influence policy and create a better tomorrow for Canadian educators and students alike. You’re passionate about education, and we appreciate that.

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Are you interested in education?

When it comes to creating the innovators, problem-solvers and entrepreneurs needed to power Canada’s future everyone needs to have a say.

Interested Canadians who work within government and policy-making, youth-focused community groups, businesses, or for anyone else who wants to join in the conversation—this is your opportunity to keep Canada at the forefront of innovation by creating an action plan for STEM learning.

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